The Lovers

The Lovers: Ahlless and Zerfam
Goddess and god (respectivly) of love

Symbol: Two intertwined ribbons of different colors (which specific colors vary)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Life, Nature
Worshipers: courtiers, sex workers, matchmakers
Appearance: A very attractive human male and female. The Lovers rarely wear clothes, and when they do, the outfits are usually more decorative than functional

Ahlless and Zerfam are inseparable. They think, act, and speak in unison, and are almost always treated as a single deity.

The Lovers embody love, romance, sex, life and reproduction. They exist to celebrate and champion passion and everything it leads to. Their activities are tied to the seasons; they are most active in the spring. Though The Lovers are fertility deityies, they also savor all forms love and lovemaking, and therefore doesn’t expect it to be have a result. They are greatly bothered by the use of seduction to manipulate others, and have a special hatred for succubi and inccubi.

The Lovers

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