Sylvan Forests

The Sylvan Forests is the smallest and less diverse (in terms of both ecology and polulation) of The Mainland’s geo-political regions. It is a large continuous forest inhabited mainly by elves and fey.

Most settlements within the Sylvant Forests are elven, and thus either partially or entirely incorporated into trees and built in such away as to be as undisruptive to the natural order as possible. The region’s stronghold, Ithulien, is built into several very close and tall trees with interconnected roots, making them effectively one single tree.

Ithulien was founded shortly after an event known as The Great Wedding, when the king of the Wood Elves wed the queen of the High Elves, unifying the two and, according to historical cannon, ending a period of time known as the Schism.

The Slyvan Forests is a fairly isolationist region. Ithulien has not made many concerted efforts to increase it’s influence outside the geographic area of the Forests, and has focused mainly self defense (as they’re very close to the Orclands), especially since the fall of Gomeschein. Most settlments of the regions are welcoming of outsiders, at least from the central races; however very few non-elves have chosen to live in the region.

Sylvan Forests

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