Morrendesil is a world with a rich diversity, heavily steeped in magic, and boasting a long and robust (if at times muddled) history, which virtually all of the races of Morrendesil take great pride in. Most of the world’s inhabitants believe that Morrendesil holds a special place in the Multiverse.


The word “Morrendesil” refers to the sphere which contains all the land, water, people and creatures; or to be succinct, it is the name of the world. However, in common parlance during The Third Age, “The World” (capitalized) usually refers to those places which have been discovered and adequately charted. This is an important distinction, as the peoples of The World have not yet succesfully circumnavigated the globe, and it is widely believed that Morrendesil contains lands that are as yet undiscovered. (In fact, it can hardly be disputed that the Orcs originated in a land known only to them, which probably lies to the south west of The Mainland.)


The geography of The World consists of of three main continents surrounded by three seas which contain islands of various size. All of this is surrounded by The Ocean. (The point where the seas become the ocean is simply the extend to which sailors of the The World have explored.)

The three continents are:

  • The Mainland, which is by far the largest and most heavily and diversely populated continent, not only by the central races, but by animals and monsters. The Mainland is considered to be, both literally and figuratively, the center of The World. The World’s most important historical events took place there. Furthermore, the entirety of The Underdark lies beneath The Mainland.
  • The Northern Wastes is a sparsely populated land known for its harsh environments where some of The World’s most dangerous monsters thrive, however many Barbarian tribes have managed to survive there for generations. Nearly half of The Northern Wastes is in a perpetual harsh winter.
  • The Wild Regions is the eastern most continent. Largely untouched by the developments of civilization and technology, The Wild Regions is home to many nature-based races and cultures. Crucially, The Wild Regions contains The Grand Forest, the homeland of The Wild Elves; in fact many have speculated (though none can prove) that all elves originate in The Grand Forest.


The information in this section is not merely the speculation of the scientifically ignorant; this is all a more or less accurate description of this universe.

Morrendesil is, as any reputable scholar will tell you, fixed firmly in the center of the universe. Orbiting Morrendesil is the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. The true nature and origin of these objects is not fully understood, but some information has been gleaned about the over the centuries.

  • The Sun is an enormous ball of fire, hundreds of miles long and thousand of miles away. Some think that it was created by the first dragons to add light to Morrendesil.
  • The Moon is smaller than the Sun and slightly closer. Some think it’s a giant mirror with a pitted surface, redirecting the light of the sun to Morrendesil.
  • The Stars are tiny points of light affixed to the inside of a great black shpere with encircles everything. Very few sholars have been bold enough to try to explain what stars are or wear they come from, but in some traditions of folklore they’re thought to be portals through which the gods enter this plane.

They aren’t.


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