God of lies and practicality

Symbol: A pair of hands holding a cat’s cradle (sometimes just the hands)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Trickery
Worshipers: Rogues, bards, gnomes, writers, magicians (the slight of hand kind), some politicians (though they’d never admit it)
Appearance: An old and disheveled looking gnome wearing simple clothing, usually seen writing in a book

Bokonon teaches us that lies have power and can be put to great use. His followers seek not only to use their foma (i.e. harmless untruths) but to see past the lies around them. They acknowledge that deception is usually the most effective and practical means to an end, whether it’s talking one’s way out of a bad situation or ruling a kingdom. They believe that the best use of lies is to reveal the truth.

Some people have speculated that Bokonon doesn’t exist; that he himself is a lie. The fact that clerics of Bokonon are just as capable of divine spellcasting as other clerics suggests that he either is real or that maybe there really is great power in lies. Those who are skeptical of Bokonon’s existence tend to find the later possibility disconcerting.

Bokonon’s symbol is an example of foma in action; the cat’s cradle does not contain a cat and does not look like a cradle. Bokonon’s followers often say “see the cat? see the cradle?” as a way of pointing out, often with admiration, a lie they think is particularly elegant or effective.

Followers of Bokonon have several sayings and unique terms they use, like busy busy busy, karras, and now i will destroy the whole world.


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