Goddess of evil, chromatic dragons

Symbol: Tiamat’s heads arranged in a circle
Aligment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Trickery
Worshipers: Chromatic dragons and their minions, some dragonborn, evil aligned dracophiles
Appearance: A dragon with five heads, one for each breed of chromatic dragon, and the tail of a wyvern.

It is widely believed that Tiamat and her good brother, Bahamut, were the first deities, and that Morrendesil (perhaps the entire multiverse as we know it) is the result of their many conflicts in the earliest years. Long ago, Tiamat was imprisoned in the Abyss by Bahamut.

Tiamat relishes chaos and destruction, and urges chromatic dragons to kill and destroy. Most chromatic dragons aren’t especially pious, but their nature compels them to carry on Tiamat’s work anyway.


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