The Great Wedding

The Great Wedding was an event which took place in the middle of the Second Age, in the tree cluster which would shortly afterwards become the elven city Ithulien in The Sylvan Forests, regarded as the end of the Schism.

The Schism

At some point during The First Age, when it is believed all elves lived in The Grand Forest of The Wild Regions, the elves experienced a cultural divide; some relocated to The Mainland and some remained in The Grand Forest. Those that remained committed themselves to a nomadic lifestyle and focused on the arts of war, in particular mounted archery, and are now known as the Wild Elves. The elves who came to The Mainland were further divided into Wood Elves, High Elves, and the Drow; those cultural divides eventual led to physical distinctions, with the Drow seeing the greatest changes as a result of their lives in The Underdark.

The Wedding

In the middle of the Second Age, and the wars between the central races and their aggressors (Orcs, Goblinoids, Drow, and Wild Elves) were at their most severe, the queen of the High Elves and the king of the Wood Elves married each other, with one of histories largest and most well known wedding ceremonies, the The Lovers themselves attending. The High and Wood Elves have been politically and cultural united ever since.

The Controversy

Some scholar’s have question the validity of these events; namely, they’ve pointed out that the Schism between the elves can’t be said to have truly ended while the Drow and Wild Elves are not included in the unification. This article mentions that some scholar’s have made this criticism, but does not endorse that view, and it is a contradiction of the historical cannon. It is worth noting that one of the most vocal supporters of this heretical view, who’s name is not to be repeated, was expelled from the The Consortium for the Preservation of History, dragged by horse from Arcanopolis to Gomeschein and publicly dissected in that cities forum.

The Great Wedding

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