The Orclands is a region in the southwest of The Mainland. The area was, during the First Age and earliest parts of the Second Age, the home of the ancient Eng civilization. The arrival of the Orcs into the region marks the beginning of the Second Age. Within decades the Eng were destroyed and the region has been known as the Orclands ever since.

Unlike other Mainland regions, the Orclands doesn’t have any permanent settlements, but does contain many Orc horde encampments. There is a mobile stronghold, Unhohk, which coordnates the activities of the various clans.

Orc Clans

There are seven Orc clans which each consist of many hordes. The leaders of each clan remain with Unhohk and oversee the actions of the clan’s hordes. A horde consist of 30-50 Orcs which itself can be divided into raiding parties of 5-10 Orcs. The hordes are ususally not located int he Orclands, but instead spread out into other regions in raiding parties. The hordes periodically return to the Orclands to ressuply and exchange information with the clan.

The Orc clans are:

  • The Bloody Tusk Clan
  • The Mountain Axe
  • The Stormcoast Clan
  • The Bonerender Clan
  • The Sons of Gruumsch
  • The Elvfsbane Clan
  • The Rockskin Clan


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