House Rules and Rule Clarifications

This page is written from a real world perspective.

House Rules


In fifth edition as written, natural 20s only apply to attack checks (critical hits) and death saving throws, and natural 1s only apply to death saves. This house rule adds natural 1s to attack checks and adds critical successes and failures to ability checks and normal saving throws. A natural 20 is always a critical success, and a natural 1 is always a critical failure. A critical success means you not only succeed at what you’re trying to do, but get some sort of bonus effect (even if it’s just looking really cool while doing it), and a critical failure means you not only fail the attempt but some additional negative result occurs (even if it’s just looking like a doofus). The details are to be determined by the DM.


We will be using the optional flanking rule presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. In short, if you and an ally are flanking an opponent (you are both in melee range and are on opposite sides) you both get advantage to melee attack checks.

Rules Clarifications

Information will be added here as needed.

House Rules and Rule Clarifications

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