Gomeschein is a now ruined metropolis located in the Bronze Hills region of The Mainland.

Gomeschein was once the largest and richest city in The World. It boasted a huge and diverse population, and was known as the home of some of The World’s greatest crafters. It was an independent city, with a massive and well armed defense force and some of the strongest external walls ever seen. Four years ago the city came under a siege by an army of monsters led by an ancient red dragon named Tanactloa and her many, many offspring. The city was sacked and most of the population was killed, including all of the political leaders. The city is now under Tanactloa’s control, though she rarely leaves her lair (which was once the cities treasury).

Many of the survivors of the onslaught were unable to leave, and are now living in what is essentially a large ghetto, where they are subjected to constant harassment by Tanactloa’s minions, who are mostly (though not exclusively) kobolds and half dragons, now functioning as gangs led by Tanactla’s children.

The fall of Gomeschein has put most of The Mainland into a panicked state, and has been a driving force behind the political expansion of the other regions. If the mighty city of Gomeschein can fall, is anyone safe?

Some outside observers have reported a gradual increase in Gomeschein’s elevation, and there are rumors of unusual seismic activity in the immediate area.


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