Bardryn Ungart

The recently appointed Lord Governer of Avenderohl, also known as the "Dwarvish Princess"


Bardryn Ungart is a female Mountain Dwarf, but has some features that are unusual for a member of her race; though she has a typical Dwarvish stature, muscular and broad, she is unusually tall at 5’2", and has has golden blond hair and bright blue eyes. Her personality, however is all Dwarf, and doesn’t take kindly to people pointing out her strange appearance. She tends to dress in clothes that, while obviously expensive and made of the finest material, are practical and simple, without a lot of flair or decorative elements. The one area she does display some extravagance in the the bejeweled metal clasps holding the three intricate braids of her long hair.


Bardryn’s background is in metalwork; she started her career as a smith in the Steadfast Mountains but after a while moved on to the trade of weapons, armor and jewelry, eventually hiring other dwarven smiths to help her keep up with demand. About 75 years ago she established a presence in Avenderohl, which quickly became her main base of operations. She registered with the local guilds and altered her buisness model so that she imports raw materials from her former home, The Sapphire Court and does all the crafting and selling of her products in the city.

Six years ago she was appointed the Lord Governor of Avenderohl by the guild leaders, which has proven to be a very controversial decision for two main reasons: first, she is the city’s first female governor; and second, while she isn’t the first Dwarf to hold the position, Dwarf governors of the city have historically been rare, and it’s been a long time since the last one. The reason her race is such a concern is because The Sapphire Court has been expanding in power and influence. Thus, the people of Avenderohl worry that Bardryn’s governership is heralding an attempt for the Dwarves of The Steadfast Mountains to take over the city.

Bardryn Ungart

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